4 Luxury Hotel Chains with best Social Media Marketing in India

Social Media Marketing for Luxury Hotel Chains

Online Reputation management and engagement are few of the most important aspects of any Luxury Hotel Business in India. One just can’t ignore the importance of social media marketing in today’s digital world. According to a research by Cognizant “ 75% of Hotel Bookings take place on the basis of Online reviews” , With the per capita income increasing rapidly in India, demand for Luxury Hotels has increased rapidly and similarly with the burgeoning social media users Hotels have to be on the top of their game for their social media marketing.

Some Hotels are doing it exactly right. We would like to share some insights about them. These listings are not on the basis of any Ranking. They are just general social media analysis.


  • JW Marriot

JW Marriot has one of the most elegant styles of writing. They maintain their class in all the content they publish, whether it’s visual or written. It’s clean and luxurious. They set a benchmark for all other hotels through their content and target a very niche and sophisticated audience. They have a strong ORM and a high reach which gives its competitors a hard time.

JW Marriot




  • ITC Hotels

ITC Hotels is one of the Luxury hotel chains who do a lot of hard work on all their social media platforms. They might not be that elegant in their tone and artworks, but are very regular in postings. ITC is very much disciplined in terms of their regular postings. They post timely about all the events and latest updates happening in their hotel. They organize regular contests on twitter; they have dedicated accounts for concierge services. They have many pages but all are organized pretty well. Kudos to their agency.

ITC Hotels



  • The Oberoi Hotels

Oberoi Hotels sets its class apart with its social media. Well-chosen images and articulate content is what makes Oberoi one of the best Luxury hotel chains in India. One thing I like the most about The Oberoi Hotels is organizing events for every age group. Whether it’s children or elders they keep everyone engaging on social media, using their offline resources. One more advantage that Oberoi holds is it’s wide reach. They have a marvelous reach on all their social media platforms.

Oberoi Hotels




  • The Lalit Hotels

The Lalit Hotels is a champion when it comes to facebook amongst all Luxury hotels in India. They have one of the most beautiful artworks and follow all rules of social media well. They post content which is highly engaging; they use good hashtags and call to action in every post. The Lalit needs to focus a bit on its central account which has the largest reach, but it’s doing well with its other city specific pages.


The Lalit Hotels

These Hotels have around 5-6 accounts each on all social media platforms. They are actively present on all accounts and are customizing their content very well according to the demand of each platform.

With Luxury comes responsibility and these Hotels have set a good example for other Luxury hotels to follow them.