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Posting conventional content with a simple artwork has become old school and if you’re trying to be at the top of your game you need to try something new. People are getting bored by conventional posts as they want to see something intriguing and engaging, in-short something different. With the new Facebook update the probability of getting a video viewed has increased immensely opening up new ways for you to reach the masses. Let’s suggest you certain ways by which you can make your content more pleasing to your audience.

Share engaging content


  • Make a GIF

Moving content gets 5 times more attention than static content. Gifs are an easy and efficient way to catch the attention of your audience. There are many apps which can help you make GIFs like Sparks, giphy, to.be, Gifyourself to name a few. Gifs work really well whether you are a blogger, brand or even for your personal profile because it’s neither a long video which consumes data nor it’s a still and lifeless image.



  • Infographics

Information in short and presented in interesting ways is all you need to get your audiences’ undivided attention. The more precise you make them the better it is. There are many tools to make infographics like piktochart.com, canva.com, easel.fy  to name a few. It has been proven by scientists that our brain prefers info graphics over normal artworks as they deliver quick information with less efforts.



  • Post Cross Channel

A great tweet shared on facebook or instagram never misses attention. Some may think this is incorrect or stupid but this works really well no matter what people say. Anything that is different from your usual content is always liked by your audience and promotes you across platforms. A conversation with a star, a mention by an influencer, an award, anything that makes you feel proud and good about yourself, share it across platforms.


  • Micro Videos

Post small videos amazingly. No one wants long videos and the ever-annoying buffering that folllows as no one has that much time up in their sleeves. Hence, make the best out of the few seconds you have and make it worth audiences’ while. One of the most amazing short videos I witnessed was https://www.instagram.com/p/93k_3KIVdc/?taken-by=natgeo

You might have some amazing shots that could become popular, you just need to look through your gallery thoroughly.


  • Live Chats/ Webinars

With Real time social media platforms like periscope getting famous, it’s time to go live and talk to your audience. Everyone loves interacting, sharing knowledge and getting instant replies to their queries. And that’s the reason we suggest that why not organize a live chat with a celebrity, an industry expert or CEO of your company. People will associate with you for long term if they talk to the heads of your company. Live chats with famous entities boosts human ego and gives them something to talk about.



Trends are now going in favor of unconventional ways of posting and sharing content. People would share their most creative copies, visually amazing artworks only to realize that they’re doint it all wrong. If done the correct way, these posts which didn’t get much attention before, would have become more popular. Some people, including me have learned that lesson the hard way. However, I jotted down these bullet points in the hope that you don’t make the same mistakes that I did. So share and post content the correct way and bag in all the attention that you really deserve. Happy posting!