5 Reasons to love Zomato Facebook page

 Zomato Facebook Page

5 is too few reasons to love Zomato Facebook page. Photos of lip smacking dishes and lists of restaurants ranging from pocket friendly ones for the broke days to the luxurious dining restaurants for the romantic evenings, the Zomato page covers every cusine and category in depth. Looking for the perfect sports bar to watch an India – Pakistan match? Zomato even has a specialized category catering to this segment.  Entertainment, knowledge and eye candy this page has it all. The vivid pictures of scrumptious food are pleasing to one’s eyes. Here’s a list of the top reasons for loving this page:

  • Real Life Examples

When you see any post on the Zomato page, the first thought to cross your mind is,”Woah! This is exactly me!” this is the most vital objective for every brands social media marketing. Such posts make the audience feel connected with the page and develop an increased interest. The comical and informative posts thoroughly represent the brand’s fun side.


  •  Smart Word Fusion

The motivational quotes on Instagram and Facebook are now too cliché and boring. What most of us now desire is fresh and fun posts that will engage and entertain us! Making the words that matter to Zomato out of the words that matter to you is what Zomato plays on. This is a brilliant tactic to grab your attention towards matters which Zomato wishes to highlight and at the same time a wonderful way to also distract you.


  • Food for thought

Food is so generic that it can be connected to anything to everything in the world. Zomato knows this fact at the back of their hand and uses it to their advantage. They connect food with trending topics. This way they leverage your thoughts and add an element of flavor to it and make it eye catching.


  • Fearless

Zomato is fearless, It is not afraid to take “Panga” with its peers, whether it’s about tweet fights or editing logos of other brands. Zomato thinks out of the box and does things differently, in a manner that other competitors are not willing to consider. It makes people go “Wooooh, this is crazy bro” and after the ads on porn sites, I would just say “Hence Proved”.


  • Making complex things fun

Who would have thought that bar charts and pie charts could show crazy statistics. We always imagined sales, growth, population, etc. on graphs, but never imagined the worst things about having a cold on a graph. Crazy isn’t it? Zomato uses such informative tactics effectively and adds an element of thought to all their posts. This way viewers are forced to spend a few minutes on every post and ponder on its content.