Five Simple Steps to Design a Social Media campaign

Design a Social media campaign

Do you often think of expanding your business to a larger audience? Embrace social media as part of your business every day? Are you ready to design a social media campaign?
The social media marketing is truly a big bad world! To be a part of this all you need is a roadmap to take you from the starting point to the pinnacle of success. So, if you want to set up a social media campaign and are wondering where to begin then keep reading.
In this article you will find five simple steps to develop a social media strategy that would be appropriate for you and your customers as well.

social media campaign

steps for designing a social media campaign

#1: Define your goals
What are you trying to accomplish with your social media efforts? Whether you are launching a new product or location or bringing in new business partners, social media can work wonderfully in spinning your company’s lifeline. Planning and preparation comes first, if you don’t know what your goals are and what resources you’re going to devote to it, there’s no way to measure success. You need to stay updated with the results that different social networks can fetch you and channelize your efforts into a thoughtful direction. The best way is to create some short-term objectives for each of the social channels you are using and work steadily through them. But don’t forget passion! To convince the people you have to believe in yourself. It will keep you motivated too.

#2: Give a sneak-peak

I would like you to think about a movie trailer. Yes! It is a wonderful way to attract the masses. Quality visuals are a way faster way to make an impact than texts. So once you have set your goals and are prepared to launch it, you can give your customers a sneak-peak to the products you are about to introduce in the market. Post an awesome picture along with the description or a graphical presentation in the form of a short video can look very catchy. In this way, you can create an excitement in your customers for what is “coming soon”!

#3: Understand your audience

Anytime you need to create a buzz social media is your cornerstone. A good team work will always help you prosper with definite divided roles to your team mates. Let your staff write an article or blog for your company. They can share their ideas and communicate with the public, keeping them informed about the upcoming events and keep a track of your audience. Now, you might have a ‘big-shot’ on your page who might not be active on some social channels but that person may have a decent number of followers and is a treasure. Thus the staff can connect with them personally and give them a little special attention, for example, some kind of specific discount coupon which isn’t for everyone else. Also there might be a loyal customer (who is not some big-shot) but praises your product, shares and likes them unfailingly, be thankful to them, always!
Create connection and nostalgia by using relevant quotes and quizzes related to your product. For example, ask the customers why do they like the product? If the blog is getting responses then acknowledge them by a simple statement such as “glad everyone liked it ”. You want to make sure they are welcomed.
Check out local charities and events your company can partake in. It drives AWARENESS, BUZZ and ACTION. People will get a recluse from their boring weekends and get to explore a new and cooler event. What could be better? Your relationship will be progressive, exciting and decidedly unique!

#4: Use social media tools effectively

Social media tools empower you. You can expand your business prospects by using some tools which are largely available for free. It will help you maximize your business exposure and connect with people more effectively than you could ever do before.
Let’s take a look at some of the most popular social media tools-
• Facebook
• Twitter
• YouTube
• LinkedIn
• Quora
• Pinterest
• Instagram
• Vine
These social media tools can help you take a stride at your business. It will help a lot to target different audiences separately and at the same time too as it depends who your customers are and where they hangout? Narrow down your focus to 3-4 channels and invest all your energy on these channels. There are uncountable channels available on internet. No one has the time to follow all them, be wise!
Allot some time to each channel in a day, for instance, respond to your Facebook page from 10 a.m. to 11a.m. and reserve Twitter for 6 p.m. to 7p.m. and so on. It will help you prioritize and manage your networks without a chaos.

#5: Execute your strategy

Everything about social media marketing has already been said and done. The market is constantly changing shapes and so is the need of your customers. With such evolving situations “ignorance is no bliss”! Keep an active record of the mileposts you have achieved, identify possible improvements and be sure to test to get an even better result. Check how often your content is retweeted, commented upon, forwarded or pinned. This will give you a clear idea on what is interesting and what is not. (Tip: Have a crisis plan!)
There is no compromise on consistent work, so be patient and stick to your goals, show up every day, day after day and give your blogs a sustained form. As you become more experienced you get better at your campaigns; so be patient and positive!