Diwali Party

With Diwali just went and gone, marking the end of India’s biggest festival with a blast(literally) like every year, our office Diwali party was everything but ordinary.


When you’re working and working, a little fun time is important to refresh the mind and shake off all the bottled stress and worries inside. It helps in building the employees’ moral and acts like an incentive to work better. Fatigues are big hurdles when it comes to efficient working and that’s why we decided to take a little time off to celebrate and basically have fun with Diwali as just an excuse.


We were in quite a dilemma about where we should be headed and had a proper discussion about where we should go. First off we decided on going for lunch. Food! Everyone likes food and that’s how we decided to have a nice and decent time while relaxing and munching away our favorite dishes. However, it was all too simple for our likings and again, we decided to change our plans and start from scratch. Our pondering began again about where we should head to and being at the heart of cyber city, Gurgaon, our quest on finding where to go ended pretty soon than we expected. We then decided to go for bowling and this time we didn’t have any second thoughts about it. We headed for the Ambience Mall and then made our way to BluoO. All excited, we entered and had a little snack time before we go for the big game.

All our laces tied and our fingers tightly gripping the bowl, we started our game. It was a hell lot of fun and before we could spell “STRIKE,” the game ended with Praveen emerging as the obvious winner(his score was nowhere near ours). Fun times don’t seem to last that long I think or we were just having too much fun to even notice what time it was. With our empty tummies grumbling, we then went to grab something to eat and had an amazing Pizza party!

Our day came to an end in a traditional way as our Naveen sir, who is the reason for bringing our Diwali party plan into life, and his beautiful family gifted each of us boxes of sweets and loads of blessings as we wished each other a very Happy Diwali.

It was amazing to interact with everyone beyond our professional levels and create a stronger bond than it was before. Our day ended and with all my confidence I can say that it was a day well spent!