RockOnTanuj buzzed with us and rocked it

RockOnTanuj, an aspiring Indian singer who dreamed of making it big in the music game someday. But his reach had to be widened and this is when Buzzlikeus met RockOnTanuj. Tanuj is an artist with great potential and his passion for music cannot be expressed in mere words.

The aspiring singer RockOnTanuj originally belongs to Karnal, from the Indian state of Haryana and shifted to Canada to follow his dreams. When Buzzlikeus overtook his social media side, he was in for a treat with experts working hard to increase his social media reach in Canada as well as India with strategic handling of his Facebook page and skillful development of his website “”.
Initially it was a challenge to gain huge scale social likers and followers on his Facebook page but upon regular engagement with popular posts, popular Hindi songs, content that relates to the youth such as Football news and call to actions gave his page a proper well deserved boost. The video for his hit single, “Judaa” was also used as a hook to attract more music lovers to his page and eventually increase his following.

But in today’s age of technology, working on the Facebook page for an artist isn’t enough; hence we at Buzzlikeus took to managing his YouTube page too. Our SEO employee skillfully increased his rating on YouTube, the biggest video sharing platform on the planet. Eventually the subscribers on his YouTube page and views for his video also increased. The video was already shot but needed to be boosted for reach.

The net result of all this optimization was pure success for RockOnTanuj. He has totalvideo views of 5,40,000 plus as of the month of July,2016. He is invited to perform at a lot of events in a year and his song “Judaa” also got listed onto Cina Radio, Canada. Due to his huge reach and popularity after tying up with Buzzlikeus, his fans have started anticipating a new song which will be the 2nd single of his career which is also expected to be a hit. We hope to have wonderful relationship in the future with RockOnTanuj and His music will speak for the rest.