ScoopWhoop: Case Study

Social media infographic of scoopwhoop

Social media infographic of scoopwhoop

It is often said that great things now, once was just a random idea or a well preserved childhood dream.

Same was the case with ScoopWhoop. Let’s take a look,

What is ScoopWhoop all about?

ScoopWhoop is a name well-known and well-acknowledged when it comes to Internet Media companies. It is an Internet Media Company targeting the online Indian. Their foremost motive is to create and curate Indian specific stories and everything Indian and make it reach to as many people as possible.

 How the story began?

What began as a side-project in August 2013 by four colleagues—Sattvik Mishra, Rishi Pratim Mukherjee, Saransh Singh and Suparn Pandey—who were working at Webchutney, Sriparna Tikekar, who previously worked at an advertising firm McCann Erickson, is now standing at a position where it’s ranked 130 (October, 2015) on Alexa among all Indian websites and is estimated to have over 15 million unique visitors, as recorded in August, 2014 (it’s only growing more and more) and has over a million likes on their Facebook page currently.

So what made this page reach to such heights when being only 2 years old?

Being a fan of media websites like Buzzfeed, Upworthy, Thought Catalog, etc. idea was to create content exclusively about India and relevant to Indian audiences as all these sites only aimed at international topics. They wanted to create something different and they saw opportunity in creating Indian content. ScoopWhoop was believed to be following BuzzFeed’s footsteps as it targeted the same audience as Jonah Peretti, one of BuzzFeed’s co-founders, described as “workers who’re bored and are looking for some fun yet social imperative posts to reduce their boredom a bit.” However, people at ScoopWhoop thought differently when they were working on their website and they promptly addressed this tag so mindlessly thrown at them, saying, “We would like to be known for our own editorial voice, and not an inspired version of something that has worked in the US.”

ScoopWhoop targeted the local audiences with topic relevant to everyone and what is currently trending in not only in India but internationally as well. With it’s interesting and accurately laced with the trending internet slangs, its content is what made, founders claim, this site a huge success.

And their fascinating success story continues …

Executing more than 100 campaigns for brands all over India, ScoopWhoop has a list of star-studded brand names under their sleeves as their website brand’s partners, including Pepsi Co., Godrej, HUL, Budweiser, Make My Trip, etc. making sure that this website is not to be taken lightly.

The success of this website was really unexpected by the founders but never did they think that it was something impossible. Their doubts, however, short-lived as they noticed that their other colleagues at WebChutney has started to share and watch the posts they were putting on, totally oblivious of the fact that it was their co-workers behind the posts. They soon started to get attention on the social media and by the end of the year they got enough attention to convince them to ditch their respective day jobs and gave this website their full time. It was then when Tikekar joined them as a full time employee.

Despite their desi tone of content, their first viral post had an international twist to it, entitled, “14 Indian Politicians Who Can Find Their Counterparts in The Game Of Thrones.” It got over 40,000 shares and from then on, it was only a matter of time that the website would go viral. The future was somewhat predictable but what actually came was several times multiplied than expected. In March 2015, apart from the 21 million unique visitors (their biggest month of traffic till now), the site also garnered 45 million page views and has been consistently getting over 1 million social shares monthly across articles, making it probably India’s fastest growing news site.

Revenue Model

Their main revenue comes from native advertising and sponsored stories. Mukherjee, one of the co-founders, says in interview for a certain blog, “We position ourselves as a social influencer platform with massive reach, which is growing rapidly.Advertisers demand content from us which are highly shareable on social and drive maximum social engagement.” Their influence and their reach towards their audience is what make advertisement agencies approach them and have so much confidence in them.

The Secret Ingredient

Despite the growing competition, this talented and young lot of group is not afraid of the upcoming storm as they’ve set their sails accordingly. They believe that they were not only able to spread the name of their website and get internet famous but also gained some loyal followers as they continue to create stuff liked by one and all. They’re everywhere, from funny posts to posts about a serious issue going around; from uploading a silly video to putting on a thought provoking piece which may inspire you to do something. They’re into sports, politics and everything that is currently a hot topic. They’ve launched themselves in every field there is and is determined to keep their followers up-to-date in all areas with a very cool approach from a totally different perspective.

ScoopWhoop started with barely any resources. With no media budget, no tech wizardry and no revenue system, they single-handedly proved that an idea and hard work is the key to every success there is.

You just need to start and believe.